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‘Terracotta Warrior’ is an unusual, bold, brick-red flowered lily with a very dark eye. It grows to around 1 metre with 10+ out-facing  flowers  in early January.

‘Terracotta Warrior’ is a very different coloured Lily. Capturing an image with the true colour appears impossible thus far. It is really much more terracotta colour.

terracotta warrior

‘Terracotta Warrior’ was bred & introduced by Neil Jordan & is a Cam Lilies exclusive.

Other pendant Asiatic Hybrid Liliums offered this year include ‘Sunny Down Under’ or any of the Tas Townships Group, including ‘Penghana’, ‘Remine’, ‘Rinadeena’, ‘Teepookana’ and ‘Tullah’.

Asiatic Hybrid Liliums are one of the easiest Lilies to grow and are generally quite hardy. They prefer a moderately acid soil with good drainage. Plenty of organic matter and a good mulch to retain moisture and provide protection from harsh summer sun. This group generally has no perfume.

Like all Liliums these are deciduous. Consequently they will die back after flowering and re-emerge in spring, completely refreshed. This means that any damage from the past year is past history. Remove old stems when all the green colour has gone. To recover the energy from the stem & leaves, allow the energy of each plant to be drawn down into the bulb.

For more information on how to grow lilies go to Some Simple Steps to Growing great Lilies on the North-West Tasmanian Lilium Society’s website