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Lilium speciosum  – white with yellow pollen is my own selection from this species. An excellent pure white form with complimentary bright yellow pollen. Grows to more than 1 mt. with up to 15 fragrant, flowers in January.



This is a selection made by Neil Jordan & is a Cam Lilies exclusive.

Lilium speciosum hails from Japan. It is generally considered one of te most beautiful Lilies and also boasts a lovely perfume.

It is also one of the two main parents of today’s modern Oriental Lilium Hybrids and via that group has contributed to Oriental/Trumpet (OT) Hybrid Liliums and others.

Usually one of the earliest Lilies to emerge from the ground in spring, and one of the last to flower. Lilium speciosum ‘Tas Chic’ usually flowers here in late January to early February.

Like most Lilies it needs good deep drainage and a moderately acid soil. It appreciates plenty of organic matter which assists, not only with drainage, but with oxygen and nutrient availability. Plant deeply at 200 – 300 mm.,depending on the size of your bulb.

For more information on how to grow lilies go to Some Simple Steps to Growing great Lilies on the North-West Tasmanian Lilium Society’s website