Lilium ‘Performer’


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‘Performer’ is a very vigorous Martagon Hybrid Lilium, lightly recurved with golden yellow flowers and red spots.

Great for cold areas! Hard to source in Australia. Consequently, usually twice our price.

Martagon Hybrid Lilium 'Performer'

‘Performer’ was bred & introduced by Neil Jordan & is a Cam Lilies exclusive.

Martagon Hybrid Liliums are small but very beautiful Lilies. They flower here in late late November to early December here.

Martagons like an open, neutral soil (pH7) with plenty of organic matter. Plant 200-300 mm deep with good drainage. A good mulch will reduce moisture loss and help protect from harsh summer sun. Prefers some shade.

Martagons originate from colder areas across northern Europe and Asia. Consequently, they will readily tolerate quite heavy frosts. To clarify, they are very tough and will grow quite well in many warmer areas if planting depth, pH, shade and drainage needs are observed.