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Lilium nepalense is a unique species Lily from the Himalayas. A large, pendant, greenish-yellow, funnel-shaped Lily with claret-purple in the throat. Needs excellent drainage.

Lilium nepalense is a parent of ‘Kushi Maya’. For those who want authenticity. It should send out stolons underground & proliferate well. Lots of side bulbs but not necessarily lots of flowers. Likes to grow under a shrub.

This item is for packs of 5 slightly smaller bulbs. I will also have flowering sized bulbs.

Like most Lilies it needs good deep drainage and a neutral to moderately acid soil. Will do better with some shade. It appreciates plenty of organic matter which assists, not only with drainage, but with oxygen and nutrient availability.

Side bulbs will usually appear a short distance away from the parent. If pot grown the stolons and side bulbs will often come out the bottom of the pot.

For more information on how to grow lilies go to Some Simple Steps to Growing great Lilies on the North-West Tasmanian Lilium Society’s website