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Lilium ‘Kushi Maya’ is the result of a cross between Lilium nepalense and a white Oriental seedling. It has large, beautiful, bowl-shaped flowers like an Oriental, but the colour and pattern of Lilium nepalense. A most unusual Lily!

Lilium 'Kushi Maya'

This is an easy and vigorous Lily to grow. Treat as for an Oriental Hybrid Lilium. They flower here in early January here.

‘Kushi Maya’ likes an open, more acid soil with plenty of organic matter. Plant 200-300 mm deep with good drainage. A good mulch will reduce moisture loss and help protect from harsh summer sun. Will handle full sun but is always better with some shade.

For more information on how to grow lilies go to Some Simple Steps to Growing great Lilies on the North-West Tasmanian Lilium Society’s website