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Lilium candidum was widely-grown in earlier times. Often referred to then as the Christmas Lily and now known as the Madonna Lily.

Lilium candidum is a marvellous old species Lily from the eastern Mediterranean region.  Very hard to find these days. Possibly the earliest recorded Lilium having been grown for over 3,000 years.

Lilium candidum


Lilium candidum is easily-grown & very tough but has fairly specific requirements that are very different to other Liliums. It prefers a neutral to slightly alkaline soil pH. Plant the bulbs with not more than 2.5 cm of soil covering the bulb.

All artificial watering should cease once it flowers in early December & not be resumed until a basal rosette of leaves appears in March. These will feed the bulb and enable it to grow a stem over winter.

Having said all that, like all Lilies, they should be planted at your earliest opportunity and never allowed to dry out completely like daffodils or some other bulbs.

The striking, glossy white blooms appear in late November to early December.

Our usual practice is to only offer Lilies that we have grown ourselves & mostly of our own breeding. Over the years we have received many requests for this Lily. We have been fortunate to be offered a modest quantity from a third party grower this year.

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