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 ‘Lemon Zest’ was a new release for 2020!  A Martasian Hybrid Lilium of great beauty.

‘Lemon Zest’ is an out-facing Lilium with compact ivory flowers, fine purple spots and bright green nectaries. Consequently, it is very easy on the eye.

Flowers at Christmastime in North West Tasmania. Maturing at 1mt. tall with 18 flowers, this Lily has created lots of interest from Floral Artists.

Martasian Hybrid Liliums are the result of a cross between an Asiatic and a Martagon Hybrid Lilium. This is the first such release in Australia. They usually tend to retain the appearance of Asiatic Hybrids but gain some toughness from Martagons. More importantly, they are a great smaller Lily for today’s more compact gardens.

Ever larger flowers seem to have become the preoccupation of modern plant breeding effort. Consequently, good compact flowers are oft forgotten in contemporary plant breeding.

Lemon Zest


This is a new hybrid made by, named, registered & introduced by Neil Jordan & is a Cam Lilies exclusive.

We hope to do more with these excellent Lilies.

Martasian Hybrid Liliums are quite easy to grow and are generally quite hardy. They prefer a mildly acid soil with good drainage. Plenty of organic matter and a good mulch to retain moisture and provide protection from harsh summer sun.

Whilst they appear quite at home with full sun, their Martagon input suggests that they should also handle a fair degree of shade. Information on Martasian Hybrids is very limited at this time due to their recent introduction. This group generally has no perfume.

For more information on how to grow Lilies, go to Some Simple Steps to Growing great Lilies on the North-West Tasmanian Lilium Society’s website