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‘Ginger Meggs’ is an Aurelian Hybrid Lilium. It is very vigorous with 20+ white flowers with an orange flare & bright green nectaries. Consequently it is a very clean, crisp, recurved lily with excellent spacing.

Ginger Meggs

This Lily was bred & introduced by Neil Jordan & is a Cam Lilies exclusive.

Aurelian Hybrid Liliums are large, and very vigorous Lilies. They originated from crossing Chinese Trumpet Lilies with Lilium henryi. Like many such Lilies, they may be willowy when young, growing more erectly as they mature. They flower here in late January.

Ginger Meggs

Aurelian Hybrids like an open, mildly acid soil with plenty of organic matter. Plant 200-300 mm deep with good drainage. A good mulch will reduce moisture loss and help protect from harsh summer sun. Will handle full sun but is always better with some shade.

Like all Liliums these are deciduous. Consequently they will die back after flowering and re-emerge in spring, completely refreshed. This means that any damage from the past year is past history. Remove old stems when all the green colour has gone. This allows the energy of each plant to be drawn down into the bulb ready for next season.

For more information on how to grow lilies go to Some Simple Steps to Growing great Lilies on the North-West Tasmanian Lilium Society’s website