Asiatic Lilium Value Pack Special


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Our Asiatic Lilium Value Pack Special includes our 5 of our top-selling Asiatic Liliums at a reduced cost, As a result, you can enjoy an array of amazing colours and styles in your summer garden.

Included are 1 flowering-sized bulb each of ‘Christmas Cream’, ‘Christmas Rose’, ‘Rosy Fuzz’, ‘Sunny Down Under’ and ‘Terracotta Warrior’.

Asiatic Lilium Hybrid 'Christmas Cream'Asiatic Lilium Hybrid 'Christmas Rose'Asiatic Lilium 'Rosy Fuzz'Asiatic Hybrid Lilium 'Sunny Down Under'Asiatic Hybrid Lilium

The Asiatic Lilium Value Pack Special Lilies were introduced by Neil Jordan & are Cam Lilies exclusives.

Asiatic Hybrid Liliums are among the easiest Lilies to grow and are quite hardy. Consequently, they offer great colour and style with minimum effort.

Moderately acid soil with good drainage is their main need. Organic matter and a good mulch will retain moisture and provide protection from harsh summer sun.

They flower here in late December to early January. This group has no perfume.

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