Our Garden Lilies are rather different to most Liliums sold elsewhere.

Most widely distributed liliums available in retail or online outlets these days are the product of large, cut-flower lily breeders based mostly in the Netherlands. These are almost always up-facing lilies that can be picked in tight bud, packed into boxes and shipped around the world. These are the delight of florists, but often do not do so well in home gardens.

A shower of rain can instantly turn a lovely up-facing lily into an unsightly bowl of pollen soup.

Most of our lilies are either out-facing (horizontal) or down-facing (pendant). This makes them able to resist most rain, remaining beautiful for longer periods in the garden.  They also provide a much broader range of styles that can add so much more to your garden.

In reality, good gardens will probably feature a range of lilium styles, be they up-facing, out-facing or down-facing. Just like people, it takes all types.