Cam Lilies – the home of Australian Garden Lilies

Welcome to Cam Lilies – the home of Australian Garden Lilies.

Stock of all bulbs offered this year will be withdrawn as of Sunday evening 2nd July.

These bulbs cannot be stored safely any longer & must now be replanted until next year.

Thank you to all who have supported us again this year.

Oriental Hybrid Lilium Cam Finesse

Next year, as well as more new speciosum hybrids, our garden Lily range will have more new Pendant Asiatic Hybrids.

Our focus is on hardy garden Lilies, but we also grow a range of species Liliums.

Cam Lilies is a small grower of Lilium bulbs based at Camdale in North-west Tasmania. Most of our lines are bred here by Neil Jordan.  Others are selected, registered and named by us from lilies grown from seed from other growers around the globe.

Our strategy for the next few years is to introduce more new and different Lilies. This will mean some reduction in the volume of older Lilies to accommodate new lines. There may only be a small quantity of some lines, so don’t delay ordering as many will be sold out early.

We also operate our Exquisite Plants business and plan to publish a separate website with some interesting plants including Kalmias and Lapagerias.

Liliums are deciduous by nature. This means that they die down after flowering, drawing their nutrients back into the bulb ready to produce fresh new growth in late spring.

Lifting bulbs is only possible after they have become dormant. Hence we load all available bulbs onto our Online Shop early in June of each year. We are unable to supply bulbs at other times of the year.

If you would like to receive an email when stock is loaded, please go to our Contact page & send me an email.