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‘Performer’ Martagon Lilium Hybrid


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‘Performer’ is an easily-grown Martagon Hybrid Lilium.

'Performer' Martagon Hybrid Lilies



‘Performer’ has yellow flowers showing the influence of Lilium hansonii with bright red spots often appearing earlier than most Martagons.

Expect up to 15, slightly recurved flowers on sturdy stems to 800 mm.

Martagon Liliums are rarely grown, and even more rarely understood, in Australia. Although coming from very cold climates, they can probe quite hardy in many parts of Australia.

Martagons hate to have their bulbs baked by the sun. It is most important that their bulbs be planted deep (at least 150 mm), and should be well-mulched. They should also be given at least some shade from the heat of the day.

Soils pH should be maintained between 6.5 and 7.5 for optimal growth. Choose the site carefully and then avoid interference with bulbs.

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