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‘Penghana’ Pendant Asiatic Lilium Hybrid


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‘Penghana’ is a hardy, pendant Asiatic hybrid to 65 cm. It has flowers of deep rose-plum overlaid with beige. Fine mahogany spots and lightly recurved flowers.

Image of 'Penghana' Asiatic Lilium Hybrid

‘Penghana’ is a Tasmanian Aboriginal word for “river ford”. ‘Penghana’ is also the name of an area between Queenstown and the Mount Lyell Mine on Tasmania’s West Coast.

Bred in Tasmania by Neil Jordan, the Tas Townships Group are Pendant Asiatic Lilium Hybrids. They are also named for places with Tasmanian Aboriginal names in Tasmania’s West & North West regions.

‘Penghana’ is a dwarf, pendant Lilium of considerable grace and beauty growing to just 65 cm.. It is a very reliable garden lily that flowers quite early. Its shorter stature also makes it suitable for pot culture.

Easily grown and multiplying naturally, they have excellent, pyramidal inflorescences. They fit readily into smaller gardens, bringing great beauty to quiet corners of any garden.

Pendant (down-facing) lilies offer an advantage when compared to the more common, up-facing lilies. Not so readily damaged by inclement weather, they remain attractive and add interest over longer periods in the garden.

Although very popular in the middle of last century, pendant lilies almost disappeared in the past couple of decades. I have always considered this style has much to offer and offer ‘Penghana’ as evidence of my conviction.

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