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Mixed Asiatic Hybrid Liliums – 5 pack


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Mixed Asiatic Hybrid Liliums offer a broad mix of colour and form at a bargain price.


Packs of 5 flowering-sized bulbs

Mixed Asiatic Hybrid Liliums carry no image as each pack may contain a different mix.

As I continue to breed new lilies I necessarily produce many seedlings. A small number are selected as having serious potential in their first year of flowering. The great majority are then trashed.

The second year a similar process applies and a further group are trashed.

In their third year most have developed into a mature bulb and produce to their full potential. Decisions must then be made to select the very best few. These are then named, registered and multiplied for future marketing.

For lilies to survive three years in my garden under this system they are quite good lilies – just not quite up to the elite standard for marketing. We then sell those bulbs in mixed lots at very low prices.

Occasionally a name-tag is misplaced on a named variety. When that happens, I can no longer sell them as named varieties, so they are also added to my mixed lots.

Consequently these mixed lots offer some very interesting bulbs in a range of colours and styles that offer excellent value for gardeners seeking filler bulbs for larger areas – or maybe just to get their lilies started. They are all good quality garden lilies bred for that purpose.

Asiatic Hybrid Liliums are among the easiest liliies to grow. They do like good drainage and will certainly benefit from a good mulch to protect their root systems from the summer sun and to help retain moisture.

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