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Lilium speciosum ‘Tas Chic’


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Lilium speciosum ‘Tas Chic’ is my own new selected cultivar of this lovely species featuring great vigour, dark stems, long pedicels & great colour.

Lilium speciosum 'Tas Chic'

Lilium speciosum ‘Tas Chic’

Lilium speciosum ‘Tas Chic’ has up to 12 large, strongly recurved, moderately scented flowers in January on well-formed stems to 1 metre.

It requires good drainage and prefers lighter sandy loam with no lime. A good mulch will assist to retain moisture and keep the root system cool in the heat of summer.

This species is among the first to emerge in spring and among the last to flower. Consequently some supplementary feeding will prove beneficial as buds begin to emerge.

Widely used in breeding Oriental Hybrid Liliums this species originates from Japan.

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