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Lilium cernuum f. baranova


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Lilium cernuum f. baranova

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lium cernuum f. baranova is a delightful pendant Species Lilium from grassy meadows in Korea & Eastern Russia. This particular form is a deeper pink form from Russia.

Inage of Lilium cernuum f. baranova

Lilium cernuum f. baranova has up to 9 small, fully recurved, turkscap flowers on stems to 70 mm.

Pendant (down-facing) lilies offer an advantage over the more common, up-facing lilies, in that they are not so readily damaged by inclement weather, remaining attractive and adding interest over longer periods in the garden.

Easily grown, small, garden lilies from alpine meadows, enjoy the company of other plants since they help eliminate excess moisture. Quite rare.

Something special for a quiet corner.

May grow to 1 metre, but usually much less.  Flowers are pendant turkscaps in strong rose pink to purplish shades.

Like most lilies, it needs very good drainage and benefits from a good mulch to retain moisture and protect the root system from summer heat. A living mulch of small annuals or perennials could be used to good effect here.

Widely in the breeding of modern Asiatic Hybrid Liliums, Lilium cernuum imparted much of the pink and white colouration. As with most plants, the hybrids frequently gain much of the attention, but true character comes from the species.

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