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‘Cam Advance’ Oriental Lilium Hybrid


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‘Cam Advance’ is a very robust white Oriental with gold bands and fine plum-coloured spots. Flowers are large, bowl-shaped, with slightly ruffled edges.

'Cam Advance' Oriental Hybrid Lilium

‘Cam Advance’

Vigorous, easily-grown and very attractive.


As the flowers are down-facing, they are better equipped to survive inclement weather.

Expect up to 10 large, out-facing to pendant, bowl-shaped flowers on sturdy stems to 1.4 mt. Strongly perfumed

Oriental Lilium Hybrids prefer to be planted around 150 mm deep in acid soils (pH 5.5 to 6.5) with good drainage, A good mulch will help keep the root system cool in the heat of summer and retain moisture. Full sun to half shade.

‘Cam Advance’ is bred from Japanese species lilies and shows strong influences from Lilium auratum, the famous Golden Ray Lily.

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