Cam Lilies

Species Liliums

Species Liliums

Species Liliums are the unique wild lilies from which all our modern hybrids are derived.

Species Liliums - Lilium yapingense

Lilium yapingense – courtesy Bjornar Olsen

Species Liliums - Lilium majoense

Lilium majoense

Species Liliums come from across the Northern Hemisphere and are extremely diverse. from tiny pendant lilies of alpine meadows to vigorous giants in excess of 2 metres they provide all the magnificent character that defines lilies.

We currently have only 3 species liliums available:

Lilium cernuum f. baranova

Lilium martagon

Lilium speciosum ‘Tas Chic’

There will be many more in future seasons.

Cultural advice is even more varied than the species themselves. I try to give some guidance on individual listings. Beyond that, it is a case of checking the original source and try to emulate it.

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