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Martagon Hybrid Liliums

Martagon Hybrid Liliums

Martagon Hybrid Liliums are quite hardy and very reliable if some basic rules are followed. Especially in cooler areas.

Martagon Hybrid Liliums in a Latvian Garden

Martagon Hybrid Liliums in a Latvian Garden – Courtesy D Hercbergs

Martagon Hybrid Liliums are very under-rated in Australia. These beautiful and very elegant lilies are widely grown and respected in the Northern Hemisphere, but unfortunately most Australians think that lilies from colder climates have no place here.

How wrong can they be. Yes they do very well in colder climates but have an application far broader than that. I too, sacrificed many of these wonderful lilies before I learned what they really need to thrive:

  1. Plant bulbs at least 150 mm deep – they hate having their root systems baked in shallow ground.
  2. Provide some shade from the heat of the day.
  3. Soil should be maintained between pH 6.5 and 7.5 – lower or higher they will suffer.
  4. Ensure good drainage below the bulbs. If in doubt, dig a hole 300 mm deep and fill with water. If it is still there in 10 minutes it is no place for Martagons (or Orientals).

Do these things and your martagons will reward you for many years to come!

We currently have 3 varieties available at modest prices. Martagons are much slower to grow and hence more expensive than other bulbs. We will have a greater variety in coming years.


‘Pink Butterflies’

‘Shifting Sands’

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