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Oriental Hybrid Lilies

‘Cam Alpha’

A Few Words on My Lilies and Garden Orientals in an Australian Perspective.

This seems to be where much of my effort has gone over recent years and the results have been very pleasing.

To date, most of my creations have shown a strong influence from Lilium auratum (the Golden Ray Lily). This tends to give large, well-perfumed lilies that are very pleasing to the eye.

These are quite different to the largely up-facing Orientals developed for the cut-flower trade.

Image of Cam Bounty

‘Cam Bounty’

In the latter part of last century, Australia was very much the world leader in these lilies. A number of excellent lily breeders created a very dynamic group based around the greater Melbourne region. This included Gordon Chandler, Gilbert Errey, Alf Beecher & Eric Genat, among others. Collectively, they created some incredibly good Oriental Hybrid Liliums that were the envy of many around the globe.

Oriental Lilium Hybrid Cam Flare

Cam Flare

Although I don’t claim to be in the class of the aforementioned gentlemen, it is my hope that others will return to this very fruitful area and we again see Australian gardeners growing this great style of lilies.

Oriental Hybrid Lilium

‘Cam Shiraz’

Orientals will grow in a range of Australian climates, but must have good, deep drainage, and certainly prefer some shade. They tend to thrive on poorer acid soils, but deep planting & perfect drainage is not negotiable.

Oriental Hybrid Lilium

‘Cam Advance’

Oriental Lilium  Hybrid Cam Finesse

Cam Finesse

Oriental Lilium Hybrid Cam Magnum

Cam Magnum

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