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What is Cam Lilies ?

Cam Lilies is owned and operated by Neil Jordan and is based at Camdale in North-Western Tasmania.

Most of our lilies are the result of almost 30 years of breeding effort.  Our purpose is to provide a diverse and reliable range of species liliums, Asiatic and Oriental Hybrids, other lilies, and occasionally other complimentary plants.

Like most of you, I have my preferences. I believe that lilies should be graceful and elegant and I detest “muddy” colours.  Many, though not all of my lilies, will be smaller. This allows one to locate many of them to good effect in any good garden.  If you prefer huge Orienpets or the like, you may be on the wrong web-site.

Why is Cam Lilies Different ?


Unlike those who breed lilies for the cut-flower trade, Cam Lilies produces very few up-facing lilies. They are great for florists, but often not well-suited to the home garden. A shower of rain and all you have is “pollen soup”. I concentrate on out-facing & down-facing (pendant) lilies that can better survive the vagaries of weather. I also try to breed lilies that flower over longer periods in the garden.

Whilst a little understanding of the origins and needs of each species will greatly assist their cultivation, some will always be a little more of a challenge than others. My plan is to provide what information I can, but ultimately, growing rare and unusual plants is about some trial and error in your own particular environment, and some diligence in these efforts will frequently bring its own rewards.

Cam Lilies’ hybrids have been bred and selected to be durable under garden conditions as well as being diverse, beautiful and interesting.  The good news is, I am working on my photography.  Hopefully each season’s images will be better and more numerous.

There are many lilies “in the pipeline” for this site, but only after appropriate trials.  There is so much more to breeding good lilies than finding a good coloured flower. They must also be “bulked up” before they can be released.  My aim is to expand my offerings quite rapidly over the next few years.  I hope you will find them beautiful, interesting and reliable.

NB: We currently supply only to the following Australian states – Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales & Queensland. Contact us for any requests beyond those areas.

At this time we are only able to ship to Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. Dismiss