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N.B. We extend our apologies to all our friends for the absence of this website recently. Bulb sales are now closed for 2018. New stock will be added in June 2019.

Enquiries are always welcome. We are still working to tidy up after these problems and some features have yet to be restored.

Oriental Hybrid Garden Lilies

‘Cam Flare’


Our hybrid garden lilies are mostly quite different as they are bred for just that purpose.

Our garden lilies are mostly out or down-facing, resulting in bulbs that withstand the vagaries of prevailing weather conditions.

A succession of flowers, sometimes with secondary buds, extends flowering periods.

Our hybrid garden lilies are almost entirely bred and grown right here at Camdale on Tasmania’s North West Coast.

Producing better garden lilies has been our focus for almost 30 years. The hard work has now borne fruit and early responses have been great.

We hope you like our lilies and that they will encourage you to see new possibilities for these amazing garden lilies.

Asiatic Hybrid Garden Lilies

Tas Township Group

We understand lilies and their place in Australian gardens because this has always been front and centre in our breeding strategies.

All liliums originate in the Northern Hemisphere, therefore understanding how they can adapt in very different climatic conditions makes a huge difference to their performance in your garden.

For over 30 years I have collected a large and diverse range of species liliums from around the globe. I only release species liliums to market when I have grown them successfully here.

Often neglected in gardens, species are the source of everything that we have come to love about lilies. We try to grow species lilies from seed on a regular basis, thereby preserving seed viability and integrity, consequently improving plant vigour.

early June BRINGS NEW LILIUMS listED IN each year.


Yes, we are different. I have no plans to challenge the dominance of Australia’s traditional lilium suppliers, rather I offer some quite different lilies that you may enjoy in your garden.

NB: We currently supply only to the following Australian states – Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales & Queensland. Contact us for any requests beyond those areas.


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